Pilot Use Cases

PUC 1 – Flood risk assessment and prevention

PUC 2 – EO datasets to monitor Food Security in South Korea

PUC 3 – Monitoring Climate Change through Earth Observation

Additional Use Cases


Heritage of two H2020 projects (MOSES, EOPEN) it shows how platforms can be exploited in a cloud based working environment aimed at providing web services.

The MOSES (Managing CrOp Water Savings with Enterprise Services - EC funding under the grant agreement 642258) platform includes several modules - the one considered in this Use Case is the "Crop Water Demand" module applied in a configuration adapted to an area of Andalusia, managed by the ASOCIACION FERAGUA DE COMUNIDADES DE REGANTES DE ANDALUCIA (FERAGUA), Spain.

The Crop Water Demand product is based on established methodologies - several methods have been implemented - in this case, the method was the one preferred by the stakeholder.

The video presented here illustrates this Use Case and, more generally, the combined use of multiple platforms.

MOSES - EOPEN - ONDA DIAS from TGVideo on Vimeo.

For further information, please, contact:

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Bernard Valentin (bernard.valentin@spaceapplications.com)

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