Flood risk assessment and prevention

EOPEN will be demonstrated in real use case scenarios, and the end users will be citizens of an Italian town (Vicenza), suffering from occasional flash floods and need to monitor the water level, not only using sensor data and social media posts, but exploiting the opportunities offered by the open and free nature of Copernicus data.

Food Security through EO datasets

A novel food security value chain solution will be developed that it is based on Earth Observation, Copernicus Land Monitoring, non-EO (i.e. in-situ, meteorological, geology properties, soil properties, Soil Productivity Index) data, and social media data.

Monitoring climate change through EO datasets

EOPEN shall provide user-friendly, online visualization and analysis tools to investigate regional climate change trends. Emphasis is given on the Arctic change, using satellite and ground-based data on atmospheric temperature and snow cover, and social media posts.